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Practicing Your Brand’s Voice

Let’s dive right into a conversation I’ve been having LOTS lately.

Practicing your brand’s voice.

Hello there,

Let’s dive right into a conversation I’ve been having LOTS lately.

Practicing your brand’s voice.

First of all, what is a brands voice you might ask?

It’s the way you communicate your values, your offerings and what you stand for, to your customers. It’s also what helps you attract or push back!

It’s the tone, the words, the exclamation marks. It’s how much you swear or not, how long your communication is, how nurturing or matter of fact you are.

Think of your friends. They all have different tones and ways of communicating and making sense of the world around. Some use quirky words, some are elaborate, some are informal.

As a brand, we do exactly the same.

But, finding that voice as a brand, especially a relatively new one, takes time.

It’s by sitting down and writing and drafting.

It’s by showing up, really, and testing, and speaking that you practice your voice.

You practice the messages that feel right and aligned to your mission and your heart.

It’s by explaining a million times and more, what you do and what makes you tick, that you get to establish a consistent message. You start finding your favorite words, you start getting a rhythm of what feels true and unique to you. You hear yourself and the claims and promises that you are making and you start getting a sense of what seems genuine and what needs to go.

And crafting a brilliant brand voice takes a few skills:

Being true to who you are.
Brand’s allow for great, magical storytelling, but in my experience, the stories we craft are more powerful when they come from who you truly are as a business owner. Copying someone else’s voice is tempting and enticing, but in the long run, it is really hard to sustain. It’s in your genuine journey and what makes you, YOU, that you discover the true potential for creating a memorable brand conversation.

Listening like never before. Your customers speak to you ALL  the time. That is your gold. Listen deeply, see the patterns between testimonials, inquiries, and comments and use them to develop a voice that acknowledges their pain, their struggles, and deepest desires. What are they craving more of? How rational or emotional are they? And how rational or emotional is your brand? How is your brand’s language meeting their needs?

Patience and humbleness. It’s just by showing up. Again, and again. Writing and editing. Being vulnerable and sharing your story, listening and correcting that we improve. And this my friends is the hardest bit. The consistency to show up and the courage to keep trying. For this one, I recommend visiting your WHY often. What’s your gift, why it matters, and why it matters to you!

So, as I say to my clients often…

Get going and start practicing your brand’s voice ASAP.

Don’t wait to have your perfect website or blog. The perfect images on social media or even more clients, or any client.

Just start. START NOW.

Writing and sharing and editing and showing up. Because finding your brand’s voice will take you time and courage and trust me on this one, in a few years you may regret you hadn’t started now.

(just like I did about starting way back 🙂

Lots of love to you all and let me know what you think of this one? have you done it? How long has it taken you to establish a powerful voice for your brand and get business traction?