You’ve got the goals, dreams and ideas. Now let’s make sure you don’t stay stuck.

Combining some of the most effective tools from the world of Design-Thinking with inner change processes, prepare to finally get whatever you are dreaming of DONE.


Years of developing brands and specializing in women-oriented businesses has given me a deep understanding of how female entrepreneurs think and feel.

After seeing the patterns, the self-doubt and the inner stories that sooner or later arrive, I now know that a pretty brand, is just not enough.

What matters more is the person who runs it: her mindset, her stories, her thinking habits and circle of support. When they get stuck, when fear confuses them and old stories overwhelm them, they retreat and slow down.

I want to
change that.

Let’s admit it, following through is tough. For most of my students and clients, the dreaming is the easy bit. But the planning part, where you have to find a way to focus, organise your priorities, and decide where to take action is where things start to slow down.

After years of running workshops and courses on Brand Strategy and Inner Alignment, I started dreaming of creating a short course just like this. One where, with a magic Mary-Poppins-kind-of-bag, I could create tools and tricks to have on hand and make sure brilliant women just like you, don’t stay stuck.

Guided Visualisations

Deep imagery and guidance to help you reach profound inner guidance and alignment.

Journal Exercises

Powerful questions to get you unstuck and revealing the unseen. Discovering the emotions and key stories that keep you stuck.

Tools and Templates

A whole set of great tools for creative thinking, action and keeping you on track.

“ I cannot thank you enough. You instilled in me a new found motivation and a different mindset, where before I felt stuck and not sure how to improve or change my business.”


A carefully curated set of tools to have up your sleeve for moments of overwhelm, fear and self-doubt. A path for aligning your dreams with your inner captain, to stay on track.

In this online, self-paced course, I share with you the tools that I use in my consulting sessions and with my private clients all the time. Think of it as a ‘Keep-Moving, Survival Guide’ on demand, where we get your brain and heart in alignment, to make sure that whatever you are dreaming of actually gets done.


focus 1


A clear picture defines a tangible path.
In this module I will guide you through a powerful visualisation to access deep inner guidance on your goals and create a sensory imprint of how your vision comes to life.

You will finish with a vision board to capture it all as a reminder for the path ahead.

audio + vision board workbook

focus 2


Too many ideas and not sure where to start? Brainstorming strategically is an art, and in this module you'll get a brilliant idea matrix chart to organize, qualify and explore which are worth implementing. And implementing you will. Using the Rapid Protoype Workbook you'll find a truly useful process to test your ideas and take them into your customers in a shorter amount of time.

spreadsheet idea template + workbook

focus 3


This module is full of worksheets to organise your actions and tasks into daily, weekly and monthly steps. I give you some of my most useful tools for categorising tasks, batching actions and getting more done.

templates + printable stationery

focus 4


In this module we explore self-sabotage, and all the ways in which the voices in our head keep us stuck. We will revise our childhood programming and old stories by diving deep into a self-exploration journaling process. We follow with a powerful re-programming visualisation to write a new stor and create a new reality from within.

audio + journaling

focus 5


Hiding, shrinking, and toning it down is what I find one of the biggest barriers to getting anything that really matters, DONE. This chapter is all about checking the ways in which you avoid being seen and coming up with a plan for courage and determined action. You will also find so beautiful affirmation cards ready to be printed and inspire you while you take action again and again!

workbook + self- manifesto  + affirmation cards



How much is staying stuck costing you right now? Emotionally, financially and with your time? No matter the dream or the project, time and time again you’ll be faced with the same challenges. Fear, overwhelm, too many ideas, and lack of a clear path.

This one time investment becomes part of your forever toolkit to revisit when needed and master when ready.


USD one single payment



You may be wondering...

The course opens doors on the 3rd week of January. It’s a self paced online course and you can take as much as time as you want to complete and revisit.

It doesn’t. With your purchase you have lifetime access to the course and to the upgrades that may come with time.

Once you join, you’ll get access to your member’s area where all the content is waiting for you. This is a self-paced course with all the content you need, right there. No live calls are part of this program.

Not for this one. This is a self-paced course with no live component. If you are interested in working directly with me check the website for other courses and services.

This is a one payment digital course and we do not include a refund. I suggest you read the whole course description to make sure it fits your needs before purchasing. I have designed it after more than 10 years working with women and almost 20 building brands in the design world so do know my heart and years of experience have gone into creating something of true value to make a tangible difference for your.

This program is
perfect for you, if:

You’ve got too many ideas and you are not sure where to start.

The old stories and voices in your head are keeping you stuck in fear, overwhelm and self doubt.

You are struggling to develop a clear vision of where you are going and staying on track.

You are done wasting money and time tinkering on ideas that just don’t see the light.

You feel you’re on a roller-coaster – one minute you’re filled with huge self-belief and then you fall down with ‘who am I to shine?’

You have a gift that you know could make a difference in the world, but you struggle staying focused and taking consistent action.

Get Lifetime access to the course and work at your own pace to revisit as many times as you need to.

The current launch price is valid only until the 31st of January 2020

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