2 HOUR BRAND COMPASS- A 1:1 Session to take you from Idea to Strategy

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2 HOUR BRAND COMPASS- A 1:1 Session to take you from Idea to Strategy


You’ve set up your action plan for 2019! You have an idea of the offerings you’d like to launch, the goals you’re ready to smash! But maybe you’re not 100% sure how to start, what to tackle first. Maybe you just need some extra clarity around your offerings, and some finer detail on the actions you need to take.

This session is a powerhouse of creativity and implementing action. Get my eyes on your business and offerings. Let me help you give them shape, a logical order and a spark of magic, then together we prepare them to meet the world!

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What’s included in a session?

• One 2-hour zoom session with Cristina
• Full session notes
• An action step planner
• Audio/video recording of our session (if required)
• List or resources if relevant

Topics that we can cover:

• Clarifying your Brand’s voice/style
• Brainstorm new offering ideas
• Customer experience revamp
• Reviewing your next website re-design
• Exploring your new Business/Brand ideas

What my clients say about our work together:

Cristina kept me focused on my priorities pre-launch, whilst providing invaluable advice and guidance on my brand’s positioning, communication and marketing. She is a trusted and esteemed sounding board and I continue to find her advice and guidance invaluable. What is most unique about Cristina is her ability to simultaneously positively impact your personal development and self awareness. She’s professional, kind, caring, intelligent and provides a global and leading edge perspective. I am extremely grateful to Cristina for her service and soul!

- Melissa Italiano, Melis Perfumery

Working with Cristina has helped me find clarity around my marketing and brand; strategies to forge ahead when it’s difficult; and hold a soul centred perspective with my work - all with immediate practical application. This is unique and important ground. The technical parts of business are straightforward, for me it’s getting out of my own way and having the courage to speak up and lead that is the toughest bit.  

- Em McGuire, Artist

Cristina has a unique ability to blend a strong, intuitive sense with clear and logical processes. Her coaching provided me with clarity and support, backed up with recommended systems and processes for implementation, and her passionate belief in me and my project was inspiring and empowering. Cristina’s extensive experience in business, combined with her creativity and heart, provides a most extraordinary foundation to support others to move forward and take the next steps in their business. Wherever you are on your business path, I can highly recommend Cristina as an incredibly valuable resource – with a little extra magic!

- Lesley-Anne Houghton

I have been working with Cristina for a few months now and in that time she has helped me transform both my business and my mindset in a way that has set me on the path of growth I have been aiming for. Cristina seems to have a gift for pinpointing areas of weakness and demonstrating how they can be strengthened, while simultaneously showing up areas that are unique and strong, and showing how to shine a light on them. Her knowledge of all aspects of a modern business is comprehensive, and it all goes under her microscope - the shift this has brought about has been quite remarkable. She is able to draw on knowledge from a wide range of sources, and this combined with her own unique magic is quite a force. I am now feeling both empowered and excited about the future of my business and look forward to receiving Cristina’s guidance on this journey for a long time to come.

- Marion O’Leary, Mokosh

Working with Cristina has been an amazing experience.  When I first met Cristina, I only had a barebones of an idea for a business that I wanted to start and I wasn't even sure it was something that was viable.  I had no business background and no experience in the industry I wanted to move into. Through our sessions and the "homework" she assigned me, I quickly came to realize that I absolutely could do it. Cristina's thoughtfulness and positive energy helped me key on what I needed to do to establish a business, that included everything from how to go about establishing a task manager to advice on what kind of social media to focus on.  She has helped me establish the visual and emotional foundations of my brand and I return to her notes and comments from our sessions again and again. Best of all, Cristina is a cheerleader who is not afraid to point out when some of my ideas may be going off in a different direction from my brand. Cristina has also been flexible in working with my schedule to set up online video calls that worked with both of our time zones.  We are quite far away from each other physically but she made it easy to work together - and I never felt the distance. I cannot recommend Cristina more highly - time with her is an investment in yourself and your business.

- Marisa Walsh, Mercury Clothiers