From a German startup to an L.A. swimwear brand, from a Peruvian pastry shop to an ass kickin’ life coach in Boston, our clients come in many colors, sizes and flavors. They all have one thing in common: a dream almost bigger than themselves, and a purposeful desire to leave this world nicer, brighter, happier and sweeter. If you think you have what it takes to join them, drop us a line, we would love to discuss your dream too!

We offer bespoke graphic design, consulting and branding services, and in late 2013, we introduced our meticulously crafted coaching and design thinking sessions. We've worked with entrepreneurs for many years now, and there is a thing or two we know about how to make the journey smoother, more colorful and in alignment with who you are.  

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At The Wishing Chair, we sell whimsical, quirky and colorful products for the home. The market is very crowded and competitive in a space where customers are extremely price sensitive and capricious. As we were starting out as a small business, we knew we would have to create a really strong brand right from the beginning to draw customers into our retail store, and make them buy things they ordinarily weren't exposed to. 

Our brand had to evoke nostalgia, happiness and a sense of whimsy for the customer. An emotional connect was hugely important. Seeing Cristina's work on a blog, we knew that she had the right sensibilities for the job; her use of color, illustration and proportion was exactly what we were looking for, we knew we had to hire her, even though we were based in India and she on the other side of the planet!

Working with Cristina was an absolute pleasure. We were provided a detailed questionnaire that she drafted to help her understand our brand intrinsically, and as we were starting as a company, helped us understand ourselves better. She has a strong grasp of marketing strategy and methods in which one can project the brand through design. She designed our whole brand collateral, from the logo and bags to wrapping paper, business cards and signage. The design is bang on; we couldn't have imagined anything more perfect for us. Customers now identify our brand as 'magical', 'heavenly' and 'out of this world'. 

She managed to grab an ephemeral idea of brand identity out of our minds, shape it into a beautiful design, and create something our customers adore. She kept us constantly updated on work, and stuck to deadlines with a surgical precision. We would highly recommend her to anyone, though she wouldn't be our best-kept secret weapon of brand busting anymore!

- Vivita Relan, The Wishing Chair, India


Starting a new project is like giving birth. To find on the road of creation, a sophisticated, subtle, and profoundly committed human being with integrity and such dedication is a gift of life. Cristina has walked beautiful roads with me always, understanding what comes from my heart and making it happen with such exquisiteness and delicacy. I feel immense gratitude for this. Without a doubt, she is my best recommendation for any new dreamer, she makes everything with a timeless and meaningful soul. She is a designer with consciousness, and that for me is invaluable. She is a great friend and adventure companion.

-Johanna Isaac, Made of Stars, Colombia


I have worked with Cristina in various projects face to face and online. Her work is inspiring and full of subtle references. Her use of color, images and materials is truly unique. Her vision is a convergence of profound knowledge, with a sensibility thats speaks to her vast studies and her wide, multi-ethnic and multicultural background. This way of working and thinking is a vital weapon for any brand that wishes to survive in today's competitive global context.

-Julián Posada, Designer and Fashion Consultant , Colombia


 Since we were smart enough to start with Cristina, there is a certain synergy in all our material that people get right away. They understand who we are based on our logo, our catalog, our letterhead, the signatures, the colors we use. Her creative eye helped elevate us as a brand and create a very impressionable image to our customers. Seeing the whole thing come to life in a way that can be hard to explain but … you get it! Sometimes in the creative process you have an idea, a concept but you're not sure about the hard facts. One of the best things about working with Cristina is seeing how all comes to life, it's a fantastic process. Everyone loves our logo, our look, they get our brand because of her tasteful design.

She is VERY efficient and can look at a lot of ideas and organize them very well. Her work is detailed, creative and efficient. Nothing for us is more important that a quick clean process with a fantastic result, and she provides that!

-Amber Delecce & Pily Queipo, Pily Q Swimwear , USA


The graphic experience with Cristina can be as intimate and personal as one desires. I love her generosity and sensibility, and her openness to explore other ways of generating ideas and giving life to a brand, like in my case, are less formal and more intuitive. I am amazed by her ability to synthesize concepts, color palettes, typographic marks, prints and visual worlds, all connected by a distinctive and contemporary thread.

-Eulalia Piedrahita, Designer and Stylist, Colombia


Ideas come together when I sit to work with Cristina. Her way of formulating questions, her brilliant ability of intertwining ideas make a brand go way beyond expected, allowing it to convey messages full of value and emotion. Developing a unique style is always a challenge, but she has done exactly that by creating for us something  remarkable, timeless, honest, and different that till today still gets to my heart!

-Carolina Malabet, Estivo Swimwear, Colombia