Your prototype demonstrates the functionality of and includes all the elements that will appear in your website. This includes:

  • Site structure and navigation
  • Visual interface and Design
  • Required content areas: logos, buttons, widgets, photography and copywriting.
  • Functionality how each element works, what happens when a button is clicked or a form is filled out.

Please take the time to check the prototype carefully as we will build your website based on the functionality, content and structure outlined in this prototype. Any items not included in this prototype will not be included in the design. If additions or changes to the structure / functionality / content / design are required after sign-off they will be scoped separately and will be charged accordingly.

Please check it thoroughly for errors and omissions. Once signed off, we will be able to go ahead with the build of the website. Changes beyond this stage are costly and time consuming so please check it carefully. Any changes or additions to the functionality not included in this prototype will be charged on an hourly basis. Wallnut Studio will not accept any liability for errors overlooked at this stage.