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A Customer Journey Map
is an incredibly useful tool for any brand
wanting to understand and improve the experience
they provide to their customers.

Creating an unforgettable brand choreography, where every interaction, phone call, packaging and question answered reflects your values and your deep understanding of your clients, can be a radical game changer for any business.

Done well, this tool can increase your sales by generating raving fans that not only purchase again and again but also advocate for you and your message, multiplying and sharing it everywhere!


• Understand the before, during and after of your customer's experience and improve it.
• Locate possible moments where trust is being broken, or opportunities for connections missed.
• Evaluate if the products or services you are creating are truly relevant for your audience.
• Focus your budget where it's needed the most.
• Innovate by delighting your customers, not by following your competition.
• Intentionally affect every step that your customer takes, and fill it with magic that exceeds expectations.
• Gain confidence by truly understanding your customer's deepest fears, desires and how you can serve them best!

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Customer Journey Mapping involves
answering deeper questions and observing common patterns,
motivators, fears and desires. 



“Something magical happens when I collaborate with Cristina!  Of course she offers professionalism and strategic thinking but there is so much more that Cris brings to the table.  Projects transform and gain their own momentum.  Creativity and confidence seem to blossom, ideas take shape and grow and the project at hand develops a real personality.  Cris's passion and talent, mixed together with her ability to encourage, challenge and stimulate ideas in a professional and caring manner, makes her a respected choice when I have a project that I need help with.”

- Katrina Lodge, Feel Good Inc, Australia




A totally hands-on experience, this workshop is designed for a small group of business owners. Upon arrival, you'll be received by a heart-warming drink, your very own customer journey kit, and Cristina, a seasoned Brand Strategist ready to help you elevate your customer's experience.

We gather together in a small group to learn the principles of Customer Journey Design, you learn about your tools and then creativity begins, your workspace will have everything you need to start mapping your very own unique business experience.

Throughout the duration of the workshop you will have Cristina's support to provide objective views of your business and help you look at your brand's experience through your customers's eyes.

At the very end, we will have a chance to share our findings with the group and even gather feedback about your key findings and ideas moving forward!

A table full of nourishing nibbles will be provided allowing you to bite as you go, create or have a break as per needed according to your own personal creative flow.


• Your very own map.
• A list of actions to move forward, improve and innovate in your business.
• A very clear understanding of where your focus needs to be in your before, during and after interaction with your clients.
• A refreshed view on how to ignite creative thinking.
• Confidence to start applying this tool to any other area of your business.

Customer Journey Mapping can be an invaluable part of your business strategy, planning, product development and more.


Cristina brought one of my most sort after dreams to life. She assisted to craft the story of me and my passion and then wove it into a packaged product that would help me reach my audience. I really enjoyed the journey into why I was doing this and what I wanted to do as a goal. 

Beautiful artistry and a Friendly inspiring nature - the experience left me touched, loved and inspired about my brand.

Pamella Zakostelsky, Founder Miss Vitality, Australia



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Cristina Londono is a passionate Brand Strategist committed to changing the world – one businesswoman at a time. 

For more than 10 years now, Cristina and her team have created and implemented brands all over the world across many industries. Wallnut's work has been widely published and client’s businesses have flourished and grown.

Cristina works closely with women, mentoring them to take action on their dreams and holding their hands as they launch. In the process she's made it her thing to study, research and understand what’s truly required to ignite a business idea and create a memorable brand.



Is this workshop suitable for starting out a business?

Absolutely. It is a great way to help you map out exactly how your customer's journey will start. You will also get a great undertsanding of how your customer's emotions are the biggest key to creating anything memorable for your brand. The bonus is that you can keep revisiting your customer journey map for every new project or product added to your business.  

Is there a refund/canceLlation policy?

Cancellation and full refund is available up until 7 days prior to the event. Cancellation less than 7 days will be subject to administration fees ($100). You can transfer your position to another person at no extra cost, you will just need to make sure you let us know. 

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You will be provided with all the equipment needed for the workshop, along with morning tea. 



Cristina is a dream to work with! We consulted with her on ideas for our brand's design direction and launch of the collection. She was a great sounding board for all our ideas, always prepared for the calls, guided us through the process and gave valuable inputs which helped make the collection a success with our customer. She's the perfect mix of designer, marketer, strategist, and aesthete. Such a rare combination!

Avneet Mann, CEO and Founder, The Wishing Chair, India


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