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I founded Wallnut studio after spending a decade working in the design and fashion industry. I was seeking a new way to combine my interests in entrepreneurship, business and design. Merging these disciplines was my challenge, and Wallnut Studio, founded in 2007, was my solution.

We are a graphic design and branding studio, specializing in interdisciplinary projects. We have a reputation for generating memorable work developed with a profound passion for color, an obsession for detail, and a lust for research.

We help brands become incredibly compelling storytellers, storytellers who engage their ideal audience with well researched, strategic design and branding communication. These solutions often come with an unexpected or handcrafted feel. 

We understand details really well. Within details lie the moments of truth where a brand can touch an audience member’s heart in a remarkable way. We partner with our clients to design a memorable experience that builds a trusting audience over time.

Our clients trust us with their dreams, and we take our role as partners in the entrepreneurial journey very seriously. They see us as a sounding board, a companion on their path from planning to investment, from fear to excitement, from design to launch. We give a voice and a shape to their brand. We build confidence; we help them understand and clarify the way that they communicate their ideas to the world. We are their greatest cheerleaders, their greatest supporters and believers.

We are creatives, and we share our creativity generously. Our clients walk away from the Wallnut experience with new product ideas, inspiring and engaging content, and fresh digital marketing strategies. We can’t help but share our creative spirit with all those we come into contact with.

Cristina Londoño, Founder and Creative Director

Meet the team


We believe that creative collaborations get the best out of us, that's why we built a dynamic team of really talented people in faraway places. Yes, the time difference and the long Skype calls get us sometimes, but we think that the edge on project turnarounds, as well as the ability to understand various cultures makes it worth all the fuss!

CRISTINA LONDOÑO, Founder & Creative Director, Australia

Originally from Colombia, now living in Fremantle, Western Australia, Cristina has more than 14 years of experience as a designer and has studied business and marketing at a graduate level.  A personal development and wellbeing junkie, she's always looking for ways to integrate creative thinking with entrepreneurship, coaching and social empowerment around the world.

MARIA ANTONIA ECHEVERRI, Graphic Designer, Colombia

A Colombiana living in Bogotá, Maria is a graphic designer with an obsession for typography. She is the one responsible for taking our brand stories from beginning to end, making sure our clients stay happy, and keeping our projects on time. One of Maria's greatest passions is to get her camera and backpack to travel the world in search of inspiration.

JEET PATEL, Developer and Programmer, India

Jeet is the brains behind everything IT in Wallnut Studio. After completing his degrees in computer and electrical engineering at Michigan State University, he returned home to India, and now combines running a team of programmers with his passion for technology and innovation.


A Colombian now living in Brooklyn, New York, Beatriz is all about people and behavior. With a background in industrial design and a masters in interaction design, Beatriz spends her days designing & improving digital experiences. Aside from the digital world, Beatriz has always been interested in using her innovation & design thinking skills to get involved in social change challenges.

SHEONAIGH RENNIE, Career Coach , Australia

A New Zealander now in Perth, Western Australia, she, as we like to call her, is the career coaching ninja behind our Solo-preneur Inside Out program. Her understanding of human personality and strengths combined with years of working with the corporate world allow her to align our clients with their goals, resulting in stronger brands and happier, thriving people. 

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